Mysterious call

by - Oktober 08, 2015

Hi guys!! morning.afternoon, night.Huhuhu.

Did you had ever receive a call from these numbers?


Did you know who's the caller? Hm, I'm getting mad & tension receive call from this unknown numbers starting from 2 days ago till today!! I'm not gonna to answer the call of course! Especially when I check it with google & website!!

tanda tanya

Did you know what did I found? Someone had report it was a SPAM  & various report shown that certain call from this Operator number was made to selling their product like a bank loan, credit card, Insurance etc.


But the most crucial part that I want to ask you is, why should they call me again & again since they know that i'm not gonna answer their call? So , I make a decision I'm not gonna reject the call but I will answer it. Let see what will happen.

I will attack them back and take a revenge for stealing time and peace of my day..beware!


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  1. Block jer no2 tu..nanti lps ni diorang akan call lg

  2. mmg ada pun no2 cmni.. jgn jwb huhuh

  3. label je as a spam call. pasni dorg call, dh xmasuk...

  4. block number/spam list .. hehe selalunya nombor macam ni promoter.. tapi better jangan jawab.. kan sekarang ni macam-macam jadi.. huhu

  5. phone aida upload satu apps ni.
    bila unknown numbers called, akan appear info like ~ "harrassment no" atau "reported as a harrassment".
    mcm tu la lebih kurang.
    so memang aida x angkat!